This meal is ideal for a housewarming celebration or potluck because it can be served with heartier fare and is reasonably easy to prepare.

 Furthermore, it does not require a lot of oven or stove space. But, most importantly, it looks stunning on the table, making your visitors want to sample it!

For the greatest results, wrap your ingredients with a wide-base pickled radish paper (ssam-mu). If you just have a little sheet of radish paper, try reducing the number of components you wrap or keeping them smaller. 

However, take in mind that using little radish paper may make it difficult to wrap the vegetables. When constructing the wrap, you can knot it with green stringy veggies (such as chives, garlic chives, 

and water dropwort) or skip that step and simply fold it in half. The deciding aspect should be your availability,

as tying the wrap will take more time, as well as your preferred presenting style. In my opinion, both ways appear to be effective.

Looking for a simple and delicious method to feed a large crowd? Try mussammari, a pickled radish wrap. This meal features pickled radish, your choice of veggies, and pork wrapped in a thin sheet of Korean pickled radish. 

Furthermore, it is simple to prepare and served as an appetiser. Your guests will enjoy it!This Korean meal, called mussammari (무쌈말이), is a tasty and simple way to serve a crowd. 

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