Kevin Costner's New Western Movie Is A Huge Test 4 Years After $10.8 Million Flop

In addition to being the first film that the legendary actor has directed since 2003, Kevin Costner's "passion project," a Western film series titled Horizon: An American Saga, will be released in June 2024.  

This is an opportunity for the actor to make up for his last leading role in the underwhelming 2020 film, Let Him Go. Chapter 1 of Horizon: An American Saga is the first in a series of Horizon films. Over a fifteen-year period, the films are expected to cover pre- and post-Civil War America, with a focus on the settlement of the American West.  

It goes without saying that Kevin Costner has had a successful and lengthy career. Kevin Costner has acted in and directed a number of successful films since he started doing so in the 1980s. Most famously, Costner starred and directed Dance with Wolves in 1990, a film that was well-received by both critics and viewers and won numerous awards.  

Costner has received praise more recently for his work in the neo-Western television series Yellowstone. Costner's career hasn't always been successful, though. He has acted in a few bad films over the years, which makes Horizon even more significant to him.  

The fact that Horizon: An American Saga is Kevin Costner's first film since 2020 is one element that contributes to the film's popularity. Costner played George Blackledge in the neo-Western film Let Him Go four years ago.  

In the 1960s, the film centers on a retired sheriff and his wife who abandon their Montana ranch to protect their grandson from a sinister group of out-of-control people in the Dakotas.  

Despite Let Him Go's favorable reviews—it has a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes—its underwhelming box office performance indicates that Horizon still has some catching up to do.  

Let Him Go barely made $10 million at the box office, on a $21 million budget. Despite receiving positive reviews, this is a negative development for the Costner film. Moreover, both the director and the actor need to make up for lost time because this is the last movie in which Costner starred.  

Regarding Horizon: An American Saga, Kevin Costner's affinity for Yellowstone will come in handy in a lot of ways. Even though Costner's career was already lengthy and somewhat successful prior to Yellowstone, the Taylor Sheridan show significantly aided in the advancement of his later career.  

Horizon: An American Saga has a higher chance of succeeding after five seasons of Yellowstone. Even if it doesn't, the actor probably won't be severely impacted by a negative result thanks to Costner's influence in Yellowstone. Costner can therefore make whatever he wants, no matter what the repercussions.  

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