If you've been melting in the summer heat, leave the fan and grab a juicy watermelon, haha! Watermelon juice (수박주스 - subak juice) is quite popular as a summer drink in Korea.   

When the monsoon season arrives and it becomes extremely hot and humid, Koreans enjoy a variety of cool and refreshing drinks and foods such as iced lattes, bingsu, mul, bibim naengmyun (cold noodles with ice), and many others.  

Many cafes in Korea serve watermelon juice (similar to a slushie). And let me tell you: they're as cold as ice! I'd always wondered how they made it that cold until I saw some baristas in work.  

It turns out that some cafes utilise frozen watermelon, add water and honey, and others blend refrigerated watermelon and ice.  

So I tried both, and there's no doubt that using frozen watermelon produces the coldest drink!  

Frozen watermelon - if possible, choose seedless. If seedless watermelon isn't available, make sure to remove as many seeds as possible before chopping it into slices to freeze.  

Water - Depending on the power of your blender, you may need to add a little extra water. If the watermelon isn't fully blended, add one spoonful of water at a time until it reaches a slushy consistency. The slush will immediately melt and change to a liquid consistency.  

Sugar syrup is a popular ingredient in Korean cafés. However, for the ease of this recipe, I normally add granulated sugar and combine it with the watermelon. You can modify the amount of sugar to your own level of sweetness.  

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