Joe'Zie Brown, a 5-year-old sports standout, is remembered by the Dayton community through the releasing of balloons. 

 Elementary school student Joe'Zie Brown died in a Dayton shooting.  

 Brown's mother, Lakisha Jones, said "Everything was accidental. It was sad to lose our kid.  

 According to the Rhea County Sheriff's Department, it happened on January 14.  

 Brown's teammates, friends, and family released balloons and honored him Saturday in front of his old football field.  

 Brown's mother, Vanity Jones, said, "It was completely out of the blue, and I was like, Turkey.

 Our source said Brown loved playing basketball and for the Little Eagles.  

 Team parent Bree Salinas said, "We watched a basketball game the day before the accident.  

 Those who knew Brown praised his athleticism, but he was also a star student.  

 Brown's mother, Lakisha Jones, said, "One C his whole life hurt him. He was furious. Accelerated Reader, excellent GPA. He excelled in school.  

 The new football jerseys for next season will have Brown's name and number.  

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