Jjimdak aka Dak Jjim, the Best Braised Chicken Recipe

 Delicious cosy season recipes like Jjimdak may be made by tossing a variety of substantial ingredients into a pot and cooking on the hob for an hour,,,

 a Korean braised chicken dish with a tender, subtly sweet, garlicky, gingery soy sauce blend that melts into the bowl.   

 Jjimdak is bone-in chicken parts cooked in a mildly sweet, garlicky, gingery soy-based sauce similar to Galbi Jjim.  

 Slow cooking tenderises meat so much that you can shred it with a spoon.  

 Naturally sweet carrots and sweet potatoes are in this recipe, but you can add plain white potatoes,,,

 radish (my favourite!), additional onions, and squash based on availability and taste.  

 You've seen "jjim" in Galbi Jjim, Korean braised shortribs, and my cheaper version, Korean braised beef stew.  

 How Jjim began Dak differences between Jjim Dak, Dak Jjim,,,

 and Dak Dori Tang? Jjimdak, dak jjim, dak dori tang, and dak bokkeum tang are bone-in braised chicken dishes.  

 Jjimdak and Dak Jjim are both savoury, soy-braised chicken dishes with a different order. The former reads "braised chicken" and the latter "chicken braise.  

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