JJ Watt Open to NFL Return, Will Help Texans If Needed  

Three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year JJ Watt is considering a return to the Houston Texans, where he played for 10 seasons.  

After 12 successful seasons in the league, Watt retired in 2022. He recently hinted at a comeback if his club needed him.  

On May 4, the 35-year-old told the Houston Chronicle he would rejoin the Texans if required.   

"I’ve enjoyed a fantastic 12 years in the NFL, and I’m grateful to have retired in good health and at the top of my game," he said.  

He cautioned his previous coach, DeMeco Ryans, "I told DeMeco last year, ‘Don’t call unless you absolutely need it, but if you ever do call, I’ll be there.'"  

Watt, who has broadcast for CBS Sports since retiring, stressed that this potential return would be a one-time deal for the 2017 season.  

He stated, "This is the last year I’ll make that offer because I won’t continue training at this level," committing to staying fit.  

Watt was inducted into the Texans' Ring of Honor at NRG Stadium in October 2023, honoring his long career and services.  

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