Jets QB Jordan Travis sees himself as Aaron Rodgers' successor

For starters, we want to go back into playing football. After that, Jordan Travis, a rookie with the New York Jets, who is only five months removed from a terrible leg injury that ruined his collegiate career, has the goal of becoming Aaron Rodgers' heir apparent at quarterback.

It is possible that it may take some time before that occurs, but the former Florida State standout admitted that the thought of succeeding Rodgers, who is now 40 years old, had crossed his mind.

"Yes, sir, I do think about that a lot," Travis remarked on Saturday while attending the Jets' rookie minicamp. 

 "But right now, I'm just focused on where my feet are, just getting healthy and getting everybody around me better, being a great teammate."

Due to the fact that the Jets are so enthusiastic about Travis's potential in the long run, they selected him with the first of three picks in the fifth round (171 overall). 

The fact that Aaron Rodgers, who will one day be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and veteran backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor are ahead of him on the depth chart means that they have no intention of playing him this season.

A recent statement made by Rodgers indicated that he may continue to play for "two, three, or four" more seasons, depending on how his body continues to function. 

Travis may have to wait for a bit before he gets his chance, but he is confident that he has the potential to be a starter in the National Football League.

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