IQ Brain Teaser: Find six hidden phrases in the birthday party photo in 15 seconds!  

Puzzles that challenge the reader's critical thinking and problem-solving skills are brain teasers. These obstacles may promote intelligence and concentration.  

Brain teasers usually entail solving a problem, cracking a code, identifying a hidden object or creature, or finding an image flaw.  

Regularly tackling such problems improves problem-solving and mental fitness. How well do you see? Find out today! The image above shows a birthday scene.  

Six birthday words are hidden in the scenario. Readers have 15 seconds to find six concealed words. Find the 6 hidden words in the party to test your attention. Excellent observers can find all the words in time.  

Have you found any words? Quick, the clock is ticking. Focus on the image to view the words in front of you. Have you found any words yet?  

How many of you found the 6 hidden words in the image? Most readers have probably found the words by now, but some are still looking. Practise and you'll catch up. See below for the solution.  

The graphic says Gift, Friends, Balloon, Cake, Games, and Party.  

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Solution

If you like this brain puzzle, challenge your friends and family to solve it fastest.  

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