In 15 seconds, find the hidden mouse in this optical illusion to smash the world record!  

Today, the optical illusion is a decent read and a Twitter competition. You have 15 seconds to spot the mouse in this optical illusion mushroom picture.  

Numerous optical illusion tests have helped famous psychologists. These mind-boggling graphics construct artificial realities that reveal people's true desires and personalities.   

Some optical illusions are brain puzzles and don't reveal personality. However, they always exercise the intellect.  

The image is now a global issue. It started as a game but went viral. Check out the optical illusion below. A tiny brainteaser.   

The photo depicts multicoloured mushrooms. The mushrooms' diverse sizes and colours make it hard to see the mouse.  

Despite these challenges, many readers found the mouse in 20 seconds, and some claimed to have beaten the record in 17 seconds.   

We increased the bet to 15 seconds. You may set a record by finding the mouse in 15 seconds.   

Head and eyes are all the mouse has. Do not search for the mouse's full body. Find an orange mushroom and a mouse behind it staring at you. You must have discovered the mouse by now. Did you?   

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