Illusion to Test IQ: Only 1% Can Find Hidden Cat Resting in Picture in 11 Seconds!  

Do you enjoy solving optical illusion puzzles that test your intelligence? This problem requires you to find the hidden cat inside the house.  

Physical, physiological, and cognitive optical illusions exist.  

Visual illusions are mind-bending, shape-shifting images of objects, drawings, or pictures that defy your perception.   

These optical illusions are used in psychoanalysis to reveal how you perceive things.   

Looking at things or images from different angles might change a logical brain's view.   

The photograph above was published to challenge youngsters and adults to find a concealed cat in the living room.   

This mind-boggling optical illusion has left folks scratching their heads. The image shows garments scattered in the living room.  

This optical illusion makes it harder to detect the cat, which is directly in front of you yet hard to spot. According to reports, only 1% can find the hidden cat in 11 seconds.  

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