How Your Rising Sign Impacts Your Relationships  


Mars-ruled signs attract pioneers. Aries are ambitious like Capricorns and like to be first. 


Taurus Risings like life and prefer slowing down. Taurus must proceed at their own rate. Greatness takes time, thus they require a companion that understands. 


Communication and adventure are Geminis' passions. They enjoy networking because it suits them. With their wit and intelligence, Geminis naturally entertain. 


Rising signs care for and defend their loved ones. They give others the energy they want from a loving and protecting companion. 


Leo Risings exude confidence and provide dynamic energy. Those ruled by the sun may provide life to any gathering and inspire others with their positive spirit. 


The Virgo Rising seeks improvement. They appear quiet and sophisticated because they know how to act in public. 


Venus-ruled Libra loves the spotlight and does not shy away. This sign fits almost anywhere. Libra Rising is often surrounded by prominent people. 


Lovely Scorpios are strong, competitive, and fearless. 


The Rising sign Sagittarius is powerful. The archer, a teacher and philosopher, wants a spouse who inspires adventure and study. 


Capricorns guard and provide. They have long-term aspirations and want someone to help them become CEO. 


Aquarius Rising is creative and wants to leave a mark. This Rising seeks long-term social change. 


The inventive, creative, and emotionally intuitive Pisces Rising likes helping others. Holy and magnificent love for them. A companion who can satisfy their emotional needs will make them feel secure.