How to Establish Firm Boundaries with an Envious Spouse 

 Living with a jealous spouse is aggravating. Your partner's envy may keep getting in the way. When your lover seems jealous often, what can you do?  

 You can do a lot, despite popular opinion. You can't fix your partner's jealousy. Although you'd prefer to make your partner "get over being jealous," this is practically impossible. 

If you're innocent, you know best. Be honest with yourself if your actions cause your partner jealousy and damage marriage trust.  

1. Set boundaries knowing your tendencies  

Don't blame yourself. Instead, this is about recognising any habits that may be causing marriage difficulty. Does flirting interest you? Your mate may not regard your motives as innocuous or innocent.  

With love and tenderness, create limits with your jealous mate. Approach the discussion gently. Define your actions and inactions. Instead than guessing what your partner wants or feels, talk from your perspective.  

2. Set loving, caring boundaries  

Always keep in mind that you should communicate from your own perspective, rather than attempting to guess what your spouse wants or how they are feeling.  

As mentioned above, you cannot fix your partner's jealousy. You can talk about being wrongfully accused. You can say how much you want to talk without fighting.  

3. Set boundaries understanding you can't repair your partner's jealousy. 

You can tell your spouse you'll help them overcome jealousy in certain ways. These techniques shouldn't involve you taking the "blame" or giving up to your partner to avoid a dispute.  

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