How The Moon Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Horoscopes Now Through May 12

Now that Uranus, the benefic, is remaining in the sign of Taurus, this week's New Moon will assist you stay on the path to success. There comes a time of conclusion and a fresh start that will assist you in being more aware of your ideals and material belongings.   


The New Moon in your sign this week will facilitate the healing of friendships and other relationships. Jupiter will remain in your sign for a few more weeks, so as we get ready to enter the Mercurial sign this month, you can keep growing and changing.  


This week is significant because, just before your season begins, the New Moon in Taurus will remind you of your potential in the deepest recesses of your chart. Your precursor, the New Moon, helps you feel more in tune with your responsibilities and gives you a fresh start.  


This week's noteworthy transits include the New Moon in Taurus, which offers conversation starters for all. At this point, you are competing against everyone at work or school like a game of chess, winning and moving on.   


Since the Moon is in the same sign as Jupiter this week, we are all feeling the vibrancy of the Moon in Taurus. You have an edge to keep battling and believing in your dreams because these two formidable positions are at the top of your chart.   


This week's earthy energy gives you hope and optimism for your trip. Your sign will be trined by the New Moon, which will strengthen your resolve and put you in touch with friends and mentors who will never stop encouraging you.  


The New Moon's transit in the sign of Taurus will be associated with breaking free from any hold that the past may have over you. This week, the Moon is in Gemini, which will assist you re-establish a connection with your goals and professional opportunities, so you've been concentrating on healing and progress.   


This week is good for you in terms of getting into a routine. The New Moon, however, will assist you in thinking about how your relationships represent you. Later in the week, with the Gemini Moon, there will be an opportunity to deepen and strengthen relationships.


With the Moon in Taurus, you can have innovative thoughts. This is a good time to prioritise self-care and make plans for the upcoming months. Later in the week, when the Gemini Moon aligns with Pluto, things get serious.   


Strong New Moon in Taurus will trine your sign, lifting you out of any gloom and offering you joyous moments. When the Moon enters Gemini, you return to your foundation and make a plan to easily complete chores.   


The Moon is in Aries at the start of the week, which awakens your ambition and drives you to succeed and complete as much as you can. The New Moon in Taurus intensifies the situation by taking you back to your roots and strengthening your connection to them.  


Expanding and abundant energy are brought about by settling into the New Moon's energy for the week. Then, the Gemini Moon strengthens your bonds with loved ones. A week of social activities culminating in the love energy of the Cancer Moon, which will calm and brighten your romantic life.  


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