Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On May 7 — The New Moon Is Here

Try to stay positive, Aries. You may feel that money matters are unstable and unpredictably, yet pleasant things are about to happen. Your solar home of personal belongings and money is activated by the Taurus New Moon.


Have faith in your gut. Your solar home of personal identification and development is activated by the Taurus New Moon. This is an excellent moment to focus on personal development through learning endeavours. Attend a workout class to transform your body in meaningful and positive ways.   


You send love and light to that one person in your life who will never be able to experience your happiness, while you work on improving yourself. Your solar house of foes and spiritual awakenings is activated by the Taurus New Moon.   


Learn to know individuals personally. Your solar house of networking and business partnerships is activated by the Taurus New Moon. Returning to social gatherings and networking activities is highly recommended at this time. Bring your business card to Chamber of Commerce meetings.   


Smile. It does matter how you are perceived if you want to succeed. Your solar house of career and public image is activated by the New Moon in Taurus. Now is a fantastic moment to focus on creating a positive brand image and impressions.   


Enrol in a course and make time to complete it this month. Your solar house of education and higher learning is activated by the New Moon in Taurus. Studying a subject you've always wanted to learn about is now a fantastic idea.   


You're often surprised by life. Your solar home of shared resources and secrets is activated by the Taurus New Moon. Finding what you need could be a little more difficult, but being resourceful and asking plenty of questions can help.  


Recognise your goals and create mental images of them. Your solar home of marriage and obligations is activated by the Taurus New Moon. Now is a terrific moment to talk about the future and what you envision for it. Talk about your ideal marriage goals with your spouse after you've put them in writing.  


Press the restart button. Your solar home of routines and health is activated by the Taurus New Moon. Reestablish equilibrium between your physical requirements and life. Go for freedom. Take time for yourself, and strive for harmony in everything.   


Enjoy yourselves. The arrival of summer brings with it an array of enjoyable activities. Your solar home of play and enjoyment is activated by the Taurus New Moon. Begin engaging in outdoor activities. Head over to the park. Walk your dog or companion in the evening.  


Without spending time with those you love, what would life be all about? You are in your solar house of family and home while the New Moon is in Taurus. Give others your time and make enduring memories.  


Tell it like it is, especially if there are things you would like to see your city improve. Your solar house of communication and small towns is activated by the Taurus New Moon. To start pushing for change, show up to a public meeting.  


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