Here is your May 4, 2024 horoscope: the moon will enter aries. 

Big things await us on Saturday. The Moon will enter Aries from Pisces, giving fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) extra vitality and pep  

 A list of things to improve is usually helpful. Moon enters Aries, your solar house of identity, bringing change. This can be a great growth phase. Collaborate with a mentor. Enjoy self-discovery!  


Look out! Moon enters Aries, your solar home of disguised opponents. This could be a person or time-wasters. Stopping many of these will help you avoid traps, issues, and other productivity-killers.   


This is your go-getter energy, Gemini. The Moon enters Aries, your business network solar house. Get social. Mingle outside. You may prefer to talk to individuals face-to-face.  


Raise your sleeves. The Moon enters career-focused Aries. Now is the time to send resumes and cover letters to industry leaders and apply for jobs. Change can be wonderful, but the time may be inappropriate.  


It's never too late to master something. Moon enters Aries, your educational solar house. Try online classes. Check LinkedIn Learning. Contact industry leaders. Stop being bashful.  


Remember, simple in, easy out. The Moon enters Aries, your solar home of shared resources. This may indicate you're getting a present, but after you get it, someone else needs it.  


You're ready to trust! Your solar commitment house, Aries, receives the Moon. Now or never for you. You may want to start your forever now. This person should know you desire to be with them now.  


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