Grizzlies Teammate Ja Morant Celebrates $207,000,000 Contract With NBA World An Hour After Welcoming New “Guns n’ Roses” Partner  

Memphis Grizzlies are an NBA villain. From the Dillon Brooks saga against the Lakers to Ja Morant's off-court antics that earned him a multi-game suspension, the Grizzlies can't win.   

Memphis was criticized for its players, but the backroom staff has worked hard to develop a championship club.  

The surprising addition of Marcus Smart and an NBA veteran so far makes this offseason promising, as Morant tweeted.  

With a young, experienced core, the Grizzlies can terrorize the West.  

Team and player hatred of the franchise has spread around the league.  

After the Knicks released Derrick Rose, the Grizzlies signed him.   

Rose will be a great addition to this youthful team after signing a two-year, $6.5 million contract.   

Considering Morant's off-court issues, an experienced figure might help.  

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