Four Things Only a Healthy Relationship Can Teach You About Healing 

It is a common belief that in order to recover from prior trauma, we must first work through it before entering into a romantic relationship.   

You will also hear people suggest that it is not smart to recover while in a relationship because it is impossible to do so.  

On the other hand, according to therapist Logan Cohen, the process of mending within a partnership is not only natural but also significantly significant.  

According to Cohen, the following are the four components of healing that you need to incorporate into your relationship.  

“First, having boundaries and needs will not push everyone away,” adds Cohen. It will repel people who disrespect you or your boundaries.  

1. Knowing boundaries and needs won't alienate others.  

One of the lies that we are fed is that in order to be in love, one must have a desire towards another person that cannot be explained.  

2. Knowing your attraction can blossom with the proper individual.  

In relationships, both parties have flaws. Their actions will differ from yours. Or they'll know things you don't. 

3. Accepting you don't have to be perfect for someone else.  

Feeling as though love has caused you pain in the past? Perhaps now is the time to accept the possibility that what you went through was not genuine love.  

4. Understanding that if love damaged you in the past, it wasn't love.  

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