Follow the apple cider vinegar diet to lose belly fat in just one week.

Apple cider vinegar has numerous culinary applications, but it has also gained popularity among those looking to lose weight.

Sipping it during the day is regarded to assist weight loss more than consuming it before going to bed

partially because it can decrease sugar cravings, which are often the reason of snacking.

Mixing vinegar into a complete drink is simple; simply add a shot to a glass of water.

Consuming approximately 20ml (nearly four tablespoons) has been related to favorable benefits in weight loss and abdominal fat without considerably increasing one's daily carbohydrate or calorie intake.

According to Healthline, adding 15-30ml of apple cider vinegar to water twice or three times per day should suffice

And, when combined with a calorie-restricted diet, can help you lose weight quickly, with benefits appearing as early as one week.

Instead of filling glasses of water with apple cider vinegar throughout the day, try filling a 1.5-litre bottle and drizzling the acidic liquid to drink throughout the day.

It is recommended that you do so through a straw because the acidity might cause tooth enamel erosion.

Consuming more than 237ml of apple cider vinegar daily for several years can cause low blood potassium or osteoporosis.

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