Find the Missing Number: Only 1% of Genius Can Solve This Grid in 15 Seconds!  

Math problems to identify the missing number are exhilarating mental workouts that test logic and creativity. A grid or sequence of numbers with one critical item missing is typical of these puzzles. Pattern recognition, arithmetic, and algebra are needed to answer these riddles.  

These challenges help kids appreciate maths and learn maths in an entertaining way. They exercise adults' minds. Are you in the top 1% of intelligent and logical thinkers? Your chance to prove it! This math problem grid tests even the smartest.  

Find the missing number in place of the question mark in 15 seconds! Quick thinking, pattern detection, and pressured information processing are needed to solve this puzzle.  

Those who can find the missing number quickly have great mental agility and problem-solving ability. This test differentiates the brilliant from the rest.  

Only the smartest will win. Ready to prove yourself? Can you join the 1% who easily overcome this challenge? Let the struggle begin—the clock is ticking!  

The answer is 720. See below for the detailed solution. The equation below represents the last column number: Product of column numbers - column sum  

(1X2X3) -1+2+3 We'll solve each column: => (2 x 4 x 6) - (2 + 4 + 6) = 36 => (3 x 6 x 9) - (3 + 6 + 9) = 144  

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Solution

=> (4 x 8 x 12) - (4 + 8 + 12) = 360 The last column will be solved to discover the missing number. => (5 x 10 x 15) - (5 + 10 + 15) = 720  

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