Find the lamp in the desert in 7 seconds and you're a puzzle ninja!  

Seek and find puzzles include finding a hidden item in an image in a set time. This action improves focus and concentration.  

These puzzles are entertaining for kids and adults to practice cognitive skills like attention to detail and visual perception.   

You'll be shown an image and asked to find the hidden item. It tests attention to detail quickly and easily. Puzzle ninja?  

Get out! The image above shows a desert area. The background shows pyramids, while the foreground shows tourists riding camels.  

Today's challenge is desert lamp spotting. Could you solve it in 7 seconds? This activity tests vision. Pay attention to the picture's intricacies to find the lamp.  

The desert lamp will be found fastest by keen observers. Have you noticed? Quick, the clock is ticking. Focus on the image again before time runs out.  

And… Time runs out. How many found the secret lamp? Congratulations to those who completed the challenge on time.  

Your visual skills are great. Check out the solution below. That was fun? Share this challenge with friends to see who has the sharpest vision.   Visit our recommended reading section for more intriguing challenges before leaving.  

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