FELINE FRENZY  Everyone can see the snow behind the trees, but you have 20/20 vision if you can spot the lurking bobcat in 30 second

 The photo was posted on Reddit's Find The Sniper thread by BigErnMcracken.  

 This became a search-and-find problem after they challenged Redditors to find the bobcat.  

 The animal inhabits forests, meadows, and marshes.  

 If you can't answer the brainteaser in 30 seconds, you probably won't find it in your lawn.  

 Spread out The tree is obvious, but can you find 10 hidden faces in 12 seconds.

 Redditors say they were stumped by the task and had to find the solution.  

 If you can't answer the task in 20 seconds, you probably won't survive a big cat encounter.  

 “For as enormous, powerful, and fast as tigers are, they have absolutely no business being this sneaky,” one Redditor said.  

 Puzzlers must find the animal concealed amid a pile of limestone.Credit: Getty Color and texture help the creature blend in.  

 Researchers have created many tests to demonstrate how brain areas react to brainteasers and optical illusions.  

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