New Captain America 4 Trailer Footage Gets Strong First Reactions Online

 Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige debuted a new look at Captain America: Brave New World at CinemaCon 2024, a theater operator and cinema industry event.  

 Although this preview has not been shared online, attendees were able to post their impressions on social media.  

 As Aaron Couch of The Hollywood Reporter tweeted, Cap 4 appears to have "nailed" it. 

 "Feige is billing Cap 4 in a the same vein of Winter Soldier -- and the footage looks like it's nailed that".

 Erik Davis of Fandango said everything "looked dope" and Feige "action thriller:"  

 The Hot Mic Podcast co-host Jeff Sneider tweeted that the new scenes showed Isaiah Bradley as a musically-activated sleeper agent.

 According to Captain America: Brave New World, Sam Wilson performed a heroic act in Mexico.  

 Music can awaken sleeper operatives like Isaiah Bradley to kill Harrison Ford, whose inner circle is compromised. He can't or won't see that."  

 Sneider also detailed a tense interaction between Harrison Ford's President Ross, who will become Red Hulk, and Captain America.

 Harrison Ford's General Ross is 'no lover of heroes,' but he can't refute Sam Wilson's good deeds. After the "trailer," he remarks,.

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