"Everyone can see the horse – but you have 20\/20 vision & a high IQ if you can spot his rider in 8 seconds..."

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In what ways might I benefit from using brainteasers and optical illusions? It is possible to experience a wide range of cognitive benefits   

by participating in activities such as solving optical illusions and brainteasers, which can engage different regions of the brain.  

For those of you who are obsessed with solving puzzles, there is an additional catch: you have only eight seconds to complete the task of locating the horse rider.  

You are not the person that is hiding in the shadows, that is for sure.  

Therefore, get a timer, set it to eight seconds, and test your intelligence to discover if you have the intelligence of a genius.  

In spite of the fact that it would appear to be a mundane picture, this is not an easy task, and ninety-nine percent of people give up before really finding the rider.  

These kinds of brain teasers are devised with the intention of fooling our eyes, and they may also be utilized as straightforward methods of determining intellect.  

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