Easy Red Sangria

Sangria is a wine punch made of wine, fruit, brandy, sugar, and, on occasion, a dash of anything bubbly (such as sparkling water).   

Sangria is most commonly made with red wine, although it can also be made with white wine (known as sangria blanca) or rose wine.  

We've already shared two white wine sangria recipes on the blog. We like all of those sangria recipes, but we felt it was time to share a more traditional Spanish sangria with you.  

like previously said, sangria is essentially a wine punch, and like with most punch recipes, you should be comfortable experimenting with the ingredients, particularly the fruit.  

Sangria is ideal all year long. In the summer, use peaches and berries; in the autumn and winter, stay with apples and pears. If you just have frozen fruits, you can make do with them.  

Red wine — For the greatest red sangria, use a dry red wine, ideally from Spain. Look for tempranillo, garnacha (also known as grenache), or a label with Rioja (Adam's favourite because it usually has a little more wood).  

You don't have to spend a lot of money on wine—I usually spend between $15 and $20. Brandy – When testing this sangria recipe, we initially wanted to see if the brandy was necessary.  

We don't cook or drink it very often at home, so why spend an entire bottle for this? So, here is what we discovered.  

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