Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope For Saturday, May 4


Unlearn things. You may have picked up a few poor behaviours in the past that you now carry into a new relationship. This is the time to abandon outdated ways of thinking and seek out new, better ones.   


As the Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces, feelings begin to crystalize. This could be the day you cry at commercials or read a romantic post on social media.  


When the Moon aligns with Neptune in your friendship sector, things become foggy and difficult to identify. You may need to tune out the sounds of life in order to hear your own thoughts.   


A stable career and good work-related acquaintances can help make any difficult period bearable. Breakups can be difficult to deal with emotionally. However, knowing that you have people who care about you present to offer support is invaluable.   


Sometimes people forget. A secret revealed can leave you feeling vulnerable and possibly lost. However, you might be startled to learn that something you think will have a significant impact on your relationship partner may have little effect on them.  


A commitment may be relatively uncertain right now. Boundaries may be crossed, or you may not know where you want to place them. The Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, making for an emotional and creative moment.   


A new relationship might disrupt other aspects of your life, such as your schedule and interests. Libra, try not to lose yourself for the sake of someone you adore.  


Little things matter. You want tiny romantic gestures that express your feelings for each other. This day can be full of lovely, nostalgic events, such as little notes placed about the house or small surprises like coffee or breakfast in bed.   


Divorce can sometimes feel like the only option. When you've been battling or disputing over something for so long, it's difficult to see the light or the cause to try again. Consider requesting a timeout and allowing each other to ponder.  


Why lie? Even if you feel like you're treading lightly, it's vital to be true to yourself. Be authentic. It's better to let someone obtain what they want than to try to avoid conflict.   


Invest in your relationship, Aquarius. Go for a lengthy walk in the sunlight. During lunch, take a break and enjoy a coffee or beverage. Take turns doing the wash and folding clothes. Try to develop trust, mend, and create lasting memories.  


Pisces, be honest with yourself. How are you feeling? Do you want to be unique and change the way you do things? You may discover something new today about life and love, and your experiences will help you better understand others.