Does the Health Benefit of Celery Juice Actually Exist? We sought the advice of nutritionists.

 It seems like celery juice started flooding our Instagram feeds yesterday, although this fad has been going on for almost three years (what is time?).  

 It appears to be continuing. Celebrities, nutritionists, and influencers love fresh-pressed celery juice, so much so that many grocery shops sold out when the fad started.  

 People say drinking it before breakfast gives them bright skin, vitality, and better digestion.  

 What's up? Does it actually help? Experts explain celery juice's benefits.  

 Amy Lee, MD, Nucific head of nutrition; McKel Hill Kooienga, RDN, registered dietitian, certified nutritionist, and creator of Nutrition Stripped.  

 Try celery juice, and you'll know most people don't drink it for the taste. (If you were wondering, it tastes bland, green, and somewhat salty like liquified celery .

 Instead, celery juice is consumed for its health benefits. MDs, RDs, and holistic health coaches mention them here.  

 Holistic health consultant Molly Alliman says research demonstrate that eating celery whole (not juiced) has certain benefits.  

 She calls celery a powerhouse of antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients. Celery is different from celeriac, which boosts the immune system and digestive health.  

 It was recently found that the anti-inflammatory diet reduces the risk of dementia and cognitive decline.  

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