Coffee with lemon: Can it help with weight loss

 Everyone wants a simple weight-loss plan.  

 When the news spread that a coffee and lemon drink made with common components could burn fat, people regarded it a miracle potion.  

 With no evidence-based study on its calorie-burning efficacy, individuals are maintaining the “lemon coffee” fad to stay fit and trim in their busy lives.  

 Nutritionist and author Kavita Devgan, who specializes in weight reduction and immunity diets, says there is no data or research to claim that coffee and lemon help you lose weight.  

 What could explain this diet fad? “Part of it is the misplaced acceptability of calorie-free black coffee.  

 Although caffeine suppresses hunger, it does not burn calories. Coffee may satisfy a snacking or food urge.  

 The same goes for water and other liquids. I always advise snackers to sip water before going for chips.  

 After a few glasses, most don't want it. That's why 70s and 80s models took coffee before ramp walks to curb hunger.  

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