Candace Cameron Bure in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "Keep Moving"

Wearing workout attire, Candace Cameron Bure is working out on the steps. The Fuller House actress showed off her toned abs in a crop top and exercise shorts in a recent social media post.   

She wrote in the Instagram caption, "Keep dancing, keep moving, especially if you own the @kirastokesfit Stoked Step."   

How does the celebrity handle self-care, exercise, and nutrition?  

Everything you ought to know regarding her lifestyle choices is provided here.   

In order to "keep my mental health clear," Candace works out, she said to The Salvation Army. "It helps me so much to just sweat that out and get all those endorphins." When I don't exercise, I see a big difference in how much it can effect my mental health and how I deal with depression," the woman remarked.   


Candace uses jump ropes. "Whips hurt first. Second, doing 12 double-unders in a succession is a first for me. Cheers to that! Does it still count if there is a jump in between? Simply answer "yes" .! I'm growing," she wrote as a post's caption.   

Jump Roping

She makes time for exercise every day. "I make an effort to exercise four or five times a week. I keep things exciting for myself by mixing it up a lot," Candace said to Parade. Any action that involves movement of the body is considered physical.  

Five Exercise Sessions a Week

Cameron works out frequently, specializing on HIIT and weight training. "I promise to stick to push-ups—wide grip, tricep, dolphin, inclined, declined, and all of them. Because I exercise them all the time, my back, shoulders, and arms have altered significantly," she remarked.   

Strength Training

Candace follows a diet that is mostly plant-based. "I eat a lot of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and fish because I follow a more Mediterranean diet," she said to People, noting that she has eliminated dairy and sugar from her diet. "I see the biggest effect from not eating as much sugar."  

Mediterranean Plant-Based Diet

Candace recently went bicycling in Miami. Bicycling is a low-impact aerobic exercise that is excellent for increasing muscle mass, strengthening and extending muscle fibers, and enhancing balance, according to The Cleveland Clinic. I  


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