Can you see the snake in this optical illusion? You have nine seconds.  

Many fun problems improve mental performance. Puzzles also relieve boredom. By testing mental agility and function, brain teasers assess intelligence.  

A recent viral brain teaser about detecting a snake in the grassland is one of the hardest. Solve the challenge and consider yourself one of the smartest and sharpest. You have nine seconds to find the snake in the photo.  

A photo of an optical illusion went viral on social media. Many have tried and failed. Many people have missed the snake in the photo, which is practically undetectable in the grassland due to its colour. Multiple attempts to find the snake have failed.  

Mud is seen in a grassland snap. The snake blends into the foliage. Since posting the photo on the Find the Sniper subreddit, it has gone popular, attracting many individuals to take the test. A hint is here if you can't find it. Look closely at the photo to find the creature in the grass. The creature's stripes will show.  

Left of the photo's centre is a rattlesnake. The grey skin blends well with the dry grass and muck. It's hard to find the snake on land. People also reacted to test failure, even after several attempts. I  

enlarged and moved the photo, one user stated. I stopped trying to find the snake since I was getting anxious with each move. Lol.” Due to his inability to find the snake in the shot, another user joked that he may not survive in the wild.  

If you found the snake in the dead grass, you have excellent vision and a good eye for details, which might help you live in the wild.  

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