Can you find 3 differences in these pictures?

Identifying the difference can be a hard task at the best of times, but this game is very difficult.  

At first glance, both images seem to be similar but there are subtle differences between them. 

The seemingly similar photographs all have a few small changes, and some are nearly impossible to detect!

So, find the differences in this picture! Some people are so perceptive that they can readily distinguish between an owl and a barn owl.   

And then there is the group of folks who are so dumb that they couldn't even differentiate a zebra from a cow or a wild boar from a pig.  

But, just maybe, it all boils down to honing our deduction abilities.  

Some of the differences are easy to spot while some are not that easy to spot. For an observant individual, the subtle differences will be easily noticeable.  

Give your best effort and if you fail to find all the differences within the time limit you can then refer to the solutions which will be provided below.

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