BUG EYES  Everyone can see the flowers but you have 20/20 vision if you can spot the bug hidden in them in under 7 second

 One insect is hiding in the clump of brown plants with vivid pink verbena blooms at the top.  

 Keep scanning for the creature, which is harder to notice than the flowers.  

 Animal attraction Everyone sees the face, but spotting 11 animals takes a high IQ.  

 DUAL TAKE Visual illusions disclose your worst fears—depending on what you see.  

 Camouflage is supposed to deceive predators so it doesn't become food.  

 Use your eagle eyes to find the illusion's center while the time ticks.  

 If an eagle were flying overhead, it might have been dinner.  

 Bianca Censori received a Porsche from Kanye West to 'prolong sexual enjoyment' Fast .

 Everyone can see the tree, but you have 20/20 vision if you can find the animal in 5 seconds.  

 Researchers have created many tests to demonstrate how brain areas react to brainteasers and optical illusions.  

Luis Fonsi Tried to Get Ariana Grande on ‘Despacito’ Before Justin Bieber 

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