Brain Teaser IQ Test: How Many BNB Coins Can You Find In 5 Seconds?

A brain teaser is a test that requires you to use your cognitive abilities and think creatively.   

One of the most difficult brain teasers to appear recently on social media is the Brain Teaser IQ Test: how many BNB coins can you find in 5 seconds?  

Brain teasers not only improve your cognitive abilities but also your ability to pay attention for an extended period of time. Your mind is trained to solve issues and think creatively.  

So, are you ready to improve your cognitive abilities and increase your spirits?In this brain teaser IQ test, you will see a variety of ducks, and your challenge will be to find all of the concealed BNB coins within the time frame specified.   

This brain teaser, like all others, includes a timer.Fun Fact: BNB, or Binance coin, was originally built on the Ethereum network, but it is now the native currency of Binance's own blockchain, the Binance Chain.  

We genuinely hope you found them all, but if you missed any, don't worry. The solution is just below.  

In this brain teaser IQ Test, you had to identify all of the BNB coins in five seconds. There were 5 coins hidden in yellow ducks, making them tough to find at first glance. We hope you enjoyed this brainteaser exercise.  

The game, created by Nicholas Carlini, is playable using a keyboard and mouse. Additionally, it is known as Inscription 466 on the Bitcoin blockchain. Although it is a shoddy replica of the Doom game, it lacks the violent, pixelated impact of the seminal original.  

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