Brain Teaser: Guess who is cheating their partner among Three Couple

Celebration and dance are intrinsically interwoven. However, in this case, the focus is on a cheater rather than the dance shoes.   

This brain teaser will challenge your inventiveness, observational abilities, and mastery of mathematical ideas and equations.   

As a result, it strengthens the connection between brain cells, increases mental agility, and helps with short-term memory issues. Now you must figure out who is cheating on their partner in the relationship.  

Brain teasers require creative thinking as well as strong cognitive and observational skills. Unlike the image before, you must solve this photo puzzle using your observational and cognitive abilities.   

You only need to rack your brain to locate the unfaithful partner, which is rather simple.  

Remember that a single, simple puzzle might provide a wealth of information about the operation and capabilities of our brains.  

Dancers are noted for their discipline, focus, and high achievement, as well as their academic and work ethic.  

If you're still baffled by the solution, check out the image below for the correct answer to this brain teaser.  

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