Brain Teaser: Find The Empty Mug In 7 Seconds?

IQ tests are commonly used to determine if an individual has a high or low intelligence quotient (IQ). The test evaluates a person's cognitive abilities, including their ability to solve problems and reason logically.  

There are three types of IQ tests: verbal, nonverbal, and full scale. These exams are typically time-consuming and tiring.  

Fortunately, brain teasers are an engaging and entertaining way to measure your intelligence.Several mugs loaded with various liquids are visible.   

The mugs hold milkshakes, orange juice, hot chocolate, green tea, and them. The fox, bear, bird, and bunny are all sipping their favourite beverages. In contrast, a close examination of the online brainteaser puzzle reveals that one mug is empty.  

You have 7 seconds or less to locate the empty mug in this brain teaser visual puzzle!  

Don't be concerned if you can't discover the empty mug; we're about to reveal the solution.According to scientific research, brain teasers improve cognitive function and logical reasoning abilities, making them good mood boosters.   

There is no need to be concerned if you were unable to locate the empty mug since we are about to offer the solution.  

It has been demonstrated through scientific research that brain teasers improve cognitive function and the ability to think logically, which makes them an effective mood enhancer also.  

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