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Bill Skarsgård's action film Boy Kills World has been compared to John Wick in terms of style, action, and brutality. However, Skarsgård's film entirely destroyed Keanu Reeves' inconceivable record.   

Bill Skarsgård will star in three films in 2024, including Boy Kills World and remakes of The Crow and Nosferatu. Moritz Mohr's feature directorial debut, Boy Kills World, is an action comedy-thriller that surprised audiences.  

Boy Kills World introduces viewers to Boy (Skarsgård). When he was a child, his mother and sister, Mina, were picked for The Culling, an event organised by Hilda Van Der Koy (Famke Janssen) to kill 12 people live on television.  

Boy Kills World has been compared to John Wick because of its revenge concept, as well as its overall tone and style, and it broke an unfathomable Keanu Reeves record with ease.That could also be a good sign. Overall, The Accountant 2 is promising, but only time will tell if it can match The Way Back.  

As previously stated, Boy is rendered deaf and dumb at the beginning of Boy Kills World, hence he does not have any lines of dialogue during the film. Boy Kills World, on the other hand, discovered a means for the viewer to understand Boy's situation by providing him with an audible inner voice.  

Boy utilised the voice from a videogame he used to play with his sister as his inner voice because he had forgotten what his own voice sounded like. Even though Boy is unable to speak, spectators can understand what he is thinking.

After being left deaf and mute, Boy can be seen mouthing a few phrases and even signs at one point, but he never talks. Of course, this has prompted comparisons to John Wick, who isn't exactly the most chatty character in the action genre.   

Reeves' John Wick speaks a total of 484 words in the first film, 499 words in John Wick: Chapter 2, 410 words in John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, and 384 words in John Wick: Chapter 4. Both worlds are more focused on action than communication, but Boy Kills World takes it to the next level.  

Boy Kills World centres on Boy's revenge mission against Hilda Van Der Koy and her family, therefore the majority of the time is spent with the deaf and mute Boy, however his past is explored twice. 

Boy says only one syllable throughout Boy Kills World, but it is clearly insufficient to ruin his great record against John Wick. Boy's inability to talk and his use of a videogame voice contributes to Boy Kills World's video game ambiance while also adding an added degree of misery to his story.  

While John Wick communicates primarily through facial expressions and punches, Boy has the advantage of a gaming voice. However, Bill Skarsgård's expressiveness allows the audience to follow his thoughts and sentiments.  

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