Big Development in Ja Morant’s Court Case Revealed

In 2022, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant got into an argument with then-teenager Joshua Holloway.  

The incident occurred during an informal basketball game, and while no criminal charges were filed against Morant, Holloway has since sued the star point guard.  

Several developments in this court case have gone Morant's way, including his lawyers being granted the right to plead self-defense, which resulted in Morant's victory.   

Another significant event occurred lately, with ESPN claiming that Holloway's attorneys have withdrawn from the case.  

"Lawyers for a teenager who is suing two-time NBA All-Star Ja Morant over a fight during an offseason pickup game can withdraw from the case after citing irreconcilable conflicts with their client, a Tennessee judge ruled Friday," according to ESPN.  

Furthermore, ESPN reported that "Rebecca Adelman and Leslie Ballin had filed a motion in Shelby County Circuit Court asking a judge to allow them to withdraw from the lawsuit filed by Joshua Holloway against Morant .

who hosted a daylong series of pickup games at his parents' home in July 2022 that ended when the Memphis Grizzlies guard punched the then-17-year-old Holloway once in the face."  

This is a significant development in Morant's legal case, and it appears that the Grizzlies player is getting closer to putting the incident behind him.  

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