At 67, Denise Austin Shares 3 ‘Effective‘ Exercises for ‘Firming and Toning’ Thigh

 We can always count on Denise Austin for quick, effective workouts. Her newest share does.  

 A follower asked about her favorite “leaning out thighs” exercises, and she demonstrated three “quick” and “effective” firming and toning exercises.  

 The video begins with Austin doing a back lunge-front kick. From a standing stance with her hands on her hips, she squats with one foot behind her.  

 She pivots off her back foot and pushes it forward.  

 You’re actually working the entire thigh muscle,” she explained. This also works your standing leg. You're sculpting from head to toe."  

 To “really work the inner and outer thighs,” Austin stands wide-legged, leans onto one side, and squats.  

 Her arms form a T as she pushes off that leg and elevates it to the side. “Push and lift up,” she says.  

 Last favorite: “really work the buttocks and the back of the thighs,” she stated. It may be the hardest of the three because it requires balance.   

 Standing on one leg, she puts her hands on her hips and leans forward, elevating her other leg behind her like a warrior three stance in yoga.  

 “You’re going to lift up and down,” she continued, bringing her toes to the mat and lifting them again. „These will definitely lean out your back legs,” she said.  

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