Analyst makes strong allegations regarding Russell Wilson's problems with the Broncos

The Pittsburgh Steelers created ripples in the NFL world when they announced the signing of veteran quarterback Russell Wilson to a one-year contract.

Wilson's road to this point was fraught with twists and turns. Wilson was initially moved to the Denver Broncos in early 2022, and he signed a massive five-year contract for $245 million,

with big aspirations of leading his new team to Super Bowl glory.However, reality did not match those lofty expectations, as Wilson and the Broncos battled to find their footing on the pitch.

Despite his elite position, Wilson saw a swift fall from grace, becoming the focus of internet jokes and criticism as the team struggled to an 11-19 record under his leadership.

 In a startling change of events, Wilson finds himself sporting the Steelers' black and gold, ready for atonement and a chance to reclaim glory in the Steel City. 

As analysts and fans alike analyse the offseason moves in the AFC North, CBS Sports analyst Aditi Kinkhabwala weighed in on "The Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show."

She shed light on the Steelers' risky acquisition of Wilson and the possible consequences for their division rivals, particularly the Cleveland Browns.

"He kept climbing out of the back pocket. He struggled with snap counts. "He couldn't manage or handle the play-calling," Kinkhabwala explained.

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