Scientists discover world’s biggest snake in Amazon rainforest: What we know about this new giant anaconda

 Researchers found a new type of huge anaconda in the Amazon that can reach 7.5 meters and weigh about 500 kilos.  

 This new species is the heaviest and largest snake yet found.  

 Only four anaconda species were known, with the green one being the largest.   

 Anacondas, found in tropical South America's Amazon, Orinoco, and Esequibo river basins, are known for their quick movements ,,,

 and smothering hunting methods of coiling around and devouring victims.  

 However, a decades-long investigation found that the green anaconda has two genetic species.   

 Researchers worked with the indigenous Waorani population in the Baihuaeri Waorani Territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon to find and study the newly discovered northern green anaconda.  

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