82-year-old Korean man has heart attack after choking on ‘live octopus’ dish

 An 82-year-old South Korean man had a heart attack after choking on "live octopus," or san-nakji, a traditional delicacy of freshly severed tentacles still wiggling.  

 A fire station official in Gwangju, near the country's southern edge, said a piece of san-nakji became trapped in a man's throat on Monday morning.  

 First responders found the individual in cardiac arrest and performed CPR, the spokesman added.  

 San-nakji, sliced and uncooked octopus, is popular in South Korean seafood markets and coastal locations.  

 Although the dish's name means "live octopus," it is actually dead and its tentacles sliced into pieces before serving.  

 However, it is served soon after slicing, so the tentacles' nerves are still active, making the octopus appear “live” as it moves on the plate.  

 San-nakji is chewy and served with sesame oil, seeds, and ginger.  

 On a 2015 episode of Anthony Bourdain's CNN show "Parts Unknown," the chef and TV host travelled to South Korea to sample soju,,,

 Korean fried chicken, and san-nakji, using chopsticks to peel a sticky tentacle off the plate.  

 Local media have reported many deaths from choking or asphyxiating on “live octopus.”  

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