Horizon Movie Update Makes Us Feel Better About Kevin Costner Choosing His New Western Over Yellowstone

 Kevin Costner left Yellowstone because he was too busy filming Horizon: An American Saga, which disappointed many fans.  

 However, new information about the actor's upcoming movies may help.  

 The epic Western film, which Costner directed and co-wrote with Jon Baird, will be released theatrically in 2024 as two parts.  

 Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 (or 2) is set during the American Civil War and follows Costner's character, Hayes, as the west expands.   

 Little is known about it. Costner's upcoming Western movie's plotline spans decades, but its characters and plot are unknown.  

Horizon: An American Saga has a reported runtime, which is good news for Yellowstone season 5, part 2 fans who were dismayed by Costner's departure.  

 Deadline reports that Kevin Costner's epic Western Horizon runs three hours. This three-hour runtime likely refers to Chapter 1 of the two-part film.  

 The media outlet didn't say which segment (or both) will take three hours.  

 The project's length isn't surprising given its "epic" theme, and Yellowstone aficionados should be pleased.  

 Kevin Costner took a risk by leaving Yellowstone, a successful show, to work on the epic Western, but it could pay off.  

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