A Tarot Reading for Every Zodiac Sign on May 4  

May 4, 2024 tarot card readings for each zodiac sign. Get advise on work, friendships, life, love, and more.

Zodiac signs, the first week of May is over. The Moon entering Aries on Saturday allows for high-energy activities.  

The Sun in follow-through Taurus ensures we achieve our goals. We chose one tarot card for each zodiac sign to express your day's counsel or energy...

Monitor stuff. The tarot card signifies that you are ready to view all sides of a subject. If you think you know everything, complacency might creep in. Stay curious.  


Taurus, on a silver platter. A no-strings-attached offer may be rejected. Be sure to say no and not want it. Losing this may hurt later.  


This tarot card suggests improving your health. Maintain your health. Consume nutritious meals and water. Always practise making good choices that empower your body and provide it what it needs to complete your daily tasks.  


The yuck. Meeting someone, falling in love, and feeling sick is unusual. You may not know its origin, but here it is. Discuss irrational feelings. Open up.   


The universe opens doors at the correct time. You may be hurrying to take advantage of what's here. You may seem impulsive, but you know what's best for you. Fulfil your goals.  


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