A dietician recommends 5 high-volume, low-calorie meals and snacks to feel full and lose fat.

Prioritising high-volume foods, which fill your plate and stomach but contain few calories, will help you lose weight.  

You must expend more calories than you eat to lose weight. Consuming high-calorie, empty items like chips, cookies, and fries can make a deficit difficult to maintain.  

However, eating high-volume foods might help you feel full and fulfilled while sticking to your calorie target (whether you count them or not) and avoiding higher-calorie foods that could derail you.  

Besides weight loss, nutrient-dense, high-volume whole meals are higher in fibre and other nutrients, improving our health.  

This keeps you full at breakfast or as a snack, according to Ludlam-Raine. A 200-gram serving of 0% fat Greek yoghurt has 100 calories and 20 grammes of protein, depending on the brand, to satisfy you.  

Fat-free Greek yogurt with berries

"Cottage cheese is another low-fat, high-protein food to add to a meal to provide volume and bulk," he noted.  

Cottage cheese vegetable omelet

"Spinach is a fantastic addition to the diet as it's a good source of vitamin A, folate, and plant-based iron," she said. "It's low in calories but packs a nutritional punch when added in volume."  

Spinach salads, sauces, and smoothie

With loads of vegetables like peppers, bok choy, and beansprouts, pre-cut or chopped, stir-fries create high-volume dinners.  


Some 70-calorie portions of lightly sweetened popcorn will satisfy your sweet appetite and fill you up, Ludlam-Raine suggested.  


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