8 signs a man genuinely sees a future with you, according to psychology

 Men can be difficult to read, despite popular perception. Psychology says there are signals that a man wants a future with you.  

 A man will not hesitate to include you in his future plans if he truly believes that he will be able to spend the rest of his life with you.  

 1) He includes you in his future plan

 At first glance, this may appear to be an odd sign; nonetheless, it is a crucial one. A man who sincerely envisions a future with you will value your opinion, even in things that do not directly touch you.  

 2) He values your opinion

 He'll recall that tough business meeting or your childhood pet. He'll ask about your book or yoga class. Caring about someone makes us value their interests and experiences.  

 3) He’s genuinely interested in your life

 We all experience ups and downs. We need someone by our side throughout the lows of life's emotional roller coaster.  

 4) He supports you in hard times  

 Men who are passionate about you will introduce you to their loved ones. He wants to show you off and include you in his personal life, whether it's his college best buddy, siblings, or parents.  

 5) He introduces you to his inner circle

 In any relationship, compromise is vital. Instead of winning or losing, create a balance that works for both partners.  

 6) He compromises for love  

 Please be honest. Honesty can be difficult. Sometimes telling the truth is hard. If a man sees a future with you, he won't lie to you.  

 7) Even in difficult situations, he's honest.  

 The best clue that a man wants a future with you is his concern for your happiness.  

 8) He really wants your happiness  

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