7 smart strategies to cope with anger

Finding healthy strategies to control anger can lessen the risk of heart attacks, according to scientists.  

“There are three major ways to deal with anger — express it, suppress it or calm it,” said Dr. Gary Small, chair of the psychiatric department at Hackensack University Medical Centre in New Jersey.  

The following are seven tactics that Dr. Small recommended for dealing with rage.  

Develop awareness of what makes you furious, Small recommended. "Some people dislike being ignored, while others struggle with criticism," he told Fox News Digital. "When you identify what sets you off, you will be better equipped to gain control of your anger."  

1. Recognize your trigger

Small says everyday meditation improves mood and cognition, according to research. "This strategy involves regulating our behavior when we are angry by controlling our internal physiological responses like muscle tension and breathing," he said.  

2. Learn to relax

Avoid outbursts because unbridled wrath has negative health and societal implications, Small recommended. Pause and remember what caused your anger before exploding.  

3. Think twice before erupting

Small suggested regular exercise, including punching a gym bag, to relieve anger-induced stress. Doctors say regular exercise reduces anger-induced stress.  

4. Get physical

If you're raged, your brain's amygdala (emotional control center) may dominate your frontal lobe (reasoning center), Small added.   The doctor advised replacing furious thoughts with sensible ones.   

5. Alter your thinking

Anger management classes can help those who "fly off the handle," Small said, while assertiveness training can help those who contain their anger articulate their demands. When someone "fly off the handle," a cardiologist recommends anger management classes.   

6. Learn to communicate your need

Small found that anxiety and melancholy may cause anger issues. Seeing a mental health expert can help people recognize issues and manage anger.  

7. Consider professional help

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