3 Zodiac Signs Are Ready To Make A Long-Term Commitment On May 6

This Monday, we may discover that we require additional time to consider our options. We have something on our minds, and we cannot merely rush to receive an answer.   

We need to deliberate and contemplate, and so much of what is on our thoughts is whether or not the entire concept of commitment is right for us.   

The irony is that we may have desired this relationship for a long time, but now that we have it and are living it, we are beginning to question our role in it. Can this be done? Are we ready to commit?  

The truth is that we can if we want, but we can't say it 'out loud' just yet. We have the Moon conjunct Mercury hovering alongside us, and this transit has put us in a state of meditation; we may adore the person we are with, but are we ready to'say yes to the dress', as they say.   

Our partners are curious about our response, and now that we have had time to consider it, we are unsure as well.  

During Moon conjunct Mercury, we analyse everything, and while romantic commitment may be the answer to all of our questions, we three zodiac signs aren't ready to jump in; we need to wait and think. Finally, this is a significant event. Commitment is... commitment.  

You're quite open with yourself about how you're feeling recently. It's May 6, and you know your romantic partner has been urging you to tell them what you think the future holds for the two of you.   


You don't feel like you're ready to name your relationship. Even though you know yourself to be a person who craves commitment and the stability that comes with it, you are afraid that saying it aloud will jeopardise the entire relationship. Of course, this is all in your head—and you are aware of it.   


You prefer not to date more than one person at a time. You're cut out for a life of serious relationships. On Monday, May 6, you will discover that this is who you truly are. So, when your current partner asks if you want to continue with them, you could be startled by your own reaction: You should consider this before responding directly.  


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