3 Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love On May 13, During Moon Trine Neptune

 Why not? Under the Leo Moon trine Neptune, we put our money where our mouth is and know our commitment to our spouse is true. On May 13, we've united for whatever comes next.  

 Your lover will show you love in ways you think no one on Earth could. A lot of why you love this person is because they go out of their way for you. Your happiness is all they desire,,,

 1. Virgo

 You acknowledge to not being 'the easiest' to get along with. However, your partner always supports you. You're not always kind to them.  

 You may not think you deserve the affection you get, but the person who loves you won't stop soon. You've begun to realize that this individual has sworn their loyalty to you alone,,,

 2. Libra

 The powerful Leo Moon trine Neptune transit amplifies all emotions. Your love for your lover is tremendous, and they feel the same.  

 You and your lover have something so unique that you can't imagine being with anybody else,,,

 3. Aquarius

 You feel more than gratitude for this amazing, dedicated individual in your life; you're astounded by the universe's abilities and how they seem to make you happy. Aquarius, whatever happened, you succeeded,,,

 Even while you hate thinking, "I couldn't live without them," your individual isn't going anywhere. You have a partner who loves you and lets you grow without them.  

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