10 Uncommon Baby Girl Names

There are lots of unusual baby girl names available that will catch your attention.  

Changing the spelling of a baby girl's name is a creative method to make it more distinctive. 

Adding or removing letters from a name makes it more unique and memorable.  

Elisha, for example, can also be spelt Elisya. Aerolynn, Cassiopeia, and Elodie are a few intriguing uncommon baby girl names from around the globe. 


Vita is a gender-neutral name of multiple origins, including Italian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Latin, Hebrew, and Greek. Depending on the roots you inspect, Vita can mean "life," "victory," or "violet."  


Derived from an old Norman and Gaelic surname, Tallon means "destroy" and is a variant of the French and English given name Talon, which means "large claw of a bird of prey." 


Suki is a charming Japanese girl's name that means "beloved," and it celebrates your love for your child. The charming little name suki comes from the Japanese term suki, which can be used to indicate a special affection for anything in speech. 


Fall effortlessly into the next phase of life, giving baby a seasonal name along the way. Augustina as a girl's name is of Latin origin. While the name may bring late-summer memories to mind, it actually means “great” and “magnificent.”  


German ancestry gives the name Trudy to a female. Its meaning is "universal power," and baby may embrace the timeless cool that goes along with it. 


Britta is a baby girl name made up of a variety of origins. Traveling from Europe, Britta most likely derives from the English name Brittany, meaning “from Britain.” 


There are two sources for the lovely name Ariane. Ariane, which translates to "most holy" from the Greek Ariadne in Latin, will prepare your child for a life of faith. 


Larkyn is a gender-neutral name with Irish and English origins. A respelling of the Irish name Lorcan, it translates to “little fierce one,” which is sure to inspire baby’s strong, powerful side. 


The boy’s name Fraser is of Scottish and Norman origin meaning “of the forest men.” This charming name was possibly initially named famous in the United States thanks to the television show Frasier.  


Cressida is a girl's name of Greek origin. The name Cressida means “golden” and has links to Greek mythology. 

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