10 qualities of a truly decent woman, according to psychology

 Being a respectable lady goes beyond kindness. Character, strength, and how one acts and reacts to the world are key.  

 Emotional intelligence involves understanding, managing, and expressing feelings. It continues. It also entails reading and responding to others' emotions.  

 1) Emotional Intelligence

 An example from me. I remember a huge career setback. I failed on a project I had invested in. Despite my struggles, I picked myself up and moved forward.  

 2) Resilience

 A good woman values integrity. Honesty and unwavering morality are key.  

 3) Integrity

 Empathic women connect with people more deeply. She knows everyone faces obstacles. She considers both sides before making a decision.  

 4) Empathy

 Self-respecting women acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses. She values self-care and doesn't compromise to satisfy others.  

 5) Self-Respect

 As easy as it sounds, kindness can change the world. True nice women have it.  

 6) Kindness

 When I first started my profession, I noticed a workplace practice I didn't like. Though legal, it felt unethical. Keeping quiet to maintain peace or speaking up to be sidelined was my choice.  

 7) Courage

  In a world that often equates success with ego, humility can seem like a paradoxical trait for a truly decent woman.

 8) Humility

 Patience may seem obsolete in our fast-paced, click-based culture. It's more relevant than ever.  

 9) Patience

Authentic women are honest and true. She's not a phony to impress others. With her skills and weaknesses, she embraces her personality.  

 10) Authenticity

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