10 Nail Designs for 2024 You’ll Want to Try Immediately

Are you looking for an easy approach to make your future come true or improve your mood? Especially since 2024's popular nail styles are so amazing, it's nearly hard not to get inspired by them for your next manicure.  

Mod Monochrome 

Nguyen suggests abstract patterns and designs for the new year, such as swirl patterns and outlandish French tips. We adore this monochromatic version of the style.  

Embellished Blue 

The top nail trend for 2024, according to Arnold, is "extravagant details like over-scale embellishments," and this regal manicure meets all of those requirements and then some.   

Reverse French 

Not sure if you'd prefer half moons in reverse or tips? You may have the best of both worlds with this split nail art. The most striking contrast is achieved by pairing black art with a white base.   

Dual Tone 

These playful swoops in light purple and burgundy are the epitome of contrast.   

Graphic Edge  

We especially like this graphic black and gold interpretation of the trend. Negative space nail art will always be the greatest.   

Golden Swirls  

It appears more harder to DIY this elegant nail art than it actually is. A tiny detail brush, some metallic gold gloss, and a bright, white paint are all you need.   

Silver Glitter  

Your greatest option if you want something a little fancier than your standard manicure but don't want to visit the salon is a high-coverage glitter manicure. Try Olive & June in Exclamation Point for a shade that is comparable.   

Colorful French  

Consider giving each nail in your French manicure a different color tip for an additional stylish twist. A gold decal gives an additional unique touch.   

Mix and Match 

Put one of this year's trendiest manicure patterns on each finger to create a mani that stands out. A vibrant color scheme makes it even more appealing.   

Angel Numbers and Aura 

This collection takes the aura nail trend to the next energy level, if you will, by also featuring angel numbers.   

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